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Speed to the power of three

Cube3 the new formula for speed. Short distances, flexible solutions and innovative thinking lead to a new feeling for time.

Solutions for a new generation

The alliance of market leaders offers a totally new, unique concept spectrum. The synthesis of the expertise of several companies, each having many years of experience in furniture logistics, guarantees maximum efficiency and quality.

As specialists in dealing with fragile goods, we use the experience we have gained in handling related products to assist us in the development of totally new, modern concepts for the furniture industry. We are very much at home managing connections and transport methods as well as in achieving the shortest delivery times. As a result, we are able to create solutions for the furniture industry which are unique, not only in terms of speed but also in their quality and price.

In this way, a new standard has been created for the furniture branch:

5 days the new standard of CUBE3!