a02 qualität slogan (en)

The product in view

The product is always central to our thinking and therefore we take it for granted that anyone dealing with it has the necessary know-how to ensure it is handled perfectly.

Quality management

Lifestyle and furniture products are fragile and of a high quality and, as such, they require the greatest attention to detail when logistic processes have to deal with them. To ensure the correct handling of any product, it is essential to have the necessary knowledge which will ensure that they are dealt with in the proper manner. Therefore, we place great importance on training our employees and they put their know-how to the test right from the start.

In this way, all of the staff employed by the CUBE3 cooperation partners exceed even the highest demands of product knowledge. To ensure the maximum protection of the goods, there is, as part of every logistics solution, a complete quality management apparatus in place which checks for any errors or damage. We therefore guarantee maximum transport security for ourselves and our customers.